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Tips & Articles 

Dr. V Shares:

  • What is pain?

  • The cancer & opioid crisis

  • Muscle, joint & bone pain

  • Nerve & chronic pain

  • When is it time for surgery?

Patient Pain Relief

Dr. V's Proven Relief for Pain:

  • Disc / Neck / Back / Bone   

  • Joint / Knee / Hip / Shoulder

  • Nerve / Muscle / Tendon

  • Cancer / Shingles / Diabetes 

Physician Consulting

Dr. V Teaches Physicians:

  • 1 on 1, in groups & via seminars 

  • How to manage pain patients

  • How to perform nerve blocks

  • How to perform spine ablations

  • Medication protocols & more



No More Frustration 

If you need an answer that stops your pain (or your patient's pain) you're in the right place. Dr. Vivek Iyer (Dr. V) is an award-winning anesthesiologist and interventional pain specialist, at Arizona's City of Hope - Phoenix. Dr. V specializes in treating patients and training doctors.  Dr. Vivek Iyer understands the frustration patients and doctors feel when they are searching for the right medication, pain block, pre-surgery protocol, post-surgery pain treatment plan, and non-opioid support products that truly facilitate a pain-free body. Patients deserve to live a pain-free life as quickly as possible. Doctors deserve exact protocols that are proven to work for their patients.  You'll find both when you contact Dr. Vivek Iyer (Dr. V). Get in touch with Dr. V now.

An Easy 1-2-3 Roadmap

Dr. V gives patients and physicians an easy 1-2-3 step roadmap to pain-free wellness:  (1) Education (2) Consultation (3) Proven protocols that stop pain.

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Fiona B.

Three years ago, I was facing 4 lower back fusions but opted not to do them at that time. I saw Dr. Iyer for 1 epidural steroid injection 3 years ago and have not needed another one until this time.  I would not want to have any other MD do this procedure as I have complete confidence in Dr. Iyer.


Megan I.

Dr. Iyer provided amazing pain relief for my double (bilateral) mastectomy!  I was worried about the pain because I have trouble taking pain pills, but Dr. Iyer performed a pain block to give me pain relief the day of surgery. He also placed catheters which gave me incredible pain relief for days after. I only took 1 pain pill the entire time after my surgery! He made having a mastectomy a mild discomfort versus a pain nightmare. It was an easy experience to go through because my pain was well managed. 

Todd S.

I've been in construction for 18 years. I had a fractured disc that 3 other doctors did not find. Dr. V found it instantly. I remember feeling overwhelmed with relief in that moment but I was still in excruciating pain. I couldn't stand up straight. Dr. V explained the procedure and 24 hours later I was a new man. He even made the recovery process quick. Thank you for fixing me doc!  


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